The World Goes To The Doers (Black)

$54.00 USD

Determined - driven - focused
These are just a few of their traits

Always on time - always early - no excuses - no delays
No plan b - just their dream and a clear vision

Every move isn’t perfection
But their moves fulfill that burning desire within them

Never afraid to leap
As a matter of fact
They have to
In order to be at peace

They never try to
But by them following their heart and gut
They are always seen

Some call them lucky
But how foolish can you be

Call them what they are
They are doers

The ones who are brave enough
To build their dreams
For the world to see

- UNISEX (Slim Fit)
- 6.1 oz, heavyweight, 100% cotton
- Pre-shrunk
- Manufactured and printed in the USA
- Color: Black